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"The little girl who once was five going on six

has grown up now and is 29 going on 28."




We've had some GREAT times

over the years with our sister, Alison!



Here are we in '63





The family that plays together, stays together!

(The Porter Quartet - 1969)



 Each child displays very interesting body language

under the watchful eye of their Grammy Porter

at the Porter Hills Groundbreaking Ceremony in 1969



Brother Don and Al at Don's rehearsal dinner 2004


Nat gets sisterly support at the Boston Marathon

Hopkinton, MA - 1998


Erin and Alison in 1994 with Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon, at the launch attempt of the Earthwinds Hilton Balloon at Stead Field, Reno, NV.

(Gene still asks Erin about Al every time she sees him.)



Big Brothers Nat and Don

on Little Barndoor Island 2004




Alison, Nat and Robin Porter and Erin

in Wolfeboro - 2004


Alison's first roommate - sister Erin (1962)


With Nat, Tim, Erin and brother-in-law John

in Maryland 2004



Erin and her dogs Smooch and Nugget

with Paul and Al at Castle Park - 2008


Al, Er and Nat in New Hampshire - 1973


With Suzanne Porter in Washington DC - 2009


  Sister-in-law Robin Porter with bro Natty 


With Don and Suzanne Porter,

and all their kids in Michigan



 Michael, Robin, Nat, Sara and Steve Porter - 2008


Al celebrates with the Livingston Brothers (and Tracy)

on their birthdays -

(John and Rand were born 9 years and 1 day apart)

Vail, CO - October 2008



Erin and Alison at the WWII Memorial 2009


Brenda and Sandy McAdam



Er and Al on Little Barndoor Island - 1972



With "Brother Beel" Muir - Lake Winnipesaukee -2004




 Erin and Alison in their matching caps - 1968


Alison and Nat - at Tim and Alison's wedding 2006 


 Porter Kids in Arizona - 2000

Er and Al at 1611 Pontiac Road - 1963




A Porter-McAdam-Dionne-Livingston-VanLeuven reunion

at Pete's 80th Birthday / Midwinter Party

Two Rivers Farm - Denton, Maryland

February 2006 


One of the few times in her life

that Erin has looked thinner than Alison

(who was pregnant with Paul)



 Mom, Tim, Al, John and Erin

in Scottsdale - 2005


 The Very Best Lady / Maiden of Honor at Erin's Wedding 

Little Barndoor Island - 2004


Photographic Proof that we made

it once more to the Yurt!

Erin, Alison and

Kingswood "sister" Carolynn Greeley Lund

January 2008


Alison serving melon to her brothers, sister and cousins



Erin and Alison - 1963 or so



Al and Tim join brother Don at his wedding celebration

at Sherwood Forest, Maryland - May 2004


Holly, Suzanne and Don Porter join Al and Tim in AZ


Er and Al in Verbier, Switzerland



Erin, Alison, Nat and Don in Michigan

July 2001


Here's to many more great times together!

Happy Birthday Sister Al!


Don, Nat, and Er