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"A woman is never quite so old

as her dearest friend says she is." 

- Anonymous


Here's to our great friend, Alison!




Al and Sal even had their firstborn sons on the same day

-- now that is friendship!



On the annual snowshoe up to the Yurt with very long time pals,

Carolynn Greeley Lund and Mary Kundtz Keppler- January 2007




Hitting the slopes with Carrie, Tobi and the Hubs!




The most wonderful Betsy Lovell


Alison and Betsy on a beautiful hike - West Fork, Sedona 1994


And lest we forget the other Most Wonderful, Phil Lovell

aka Lovey

on another beautiful AZ hike with Alison, Cali and Charlie

Phil and Betsy's present to Alison is here: 

  Click Here  for "50 Reasons Why We Love Alison"   


With her galpals in Italia - 2009


 Jodi and David Leach join Tim and Al at the Aspen Jazz Festival

for Tim's 29th birthday celebration - 2009


Partner-in-Crime from the Kingswood Dorm

Laura Lee Wilner Craig

with Crying Zeus

May 2009



Leslie, Alison and Tobi



With longtime buds Mary (aka Moo), Lori, and Linda (aka Flash!)



University of Michigan - Kappa Kappa Gamma Reunion - 2008



With Pia Anderson


Nancy McKeever and Al



Horn with Mahatma Gandhi (Paul)

"Gandhi like Potluck"

October 1999


Al teams up with "The Unsinkable" Molly Lynch Stamer

for Erin's wedding - 2004




Golf and Fishing in South America

(Many thanks to Kaye Isaacs for sending the great pics!)



 Lee dePaolo, Alison, Rose Gillett and Janet Testewuide at the Hike, Wine and Dine Event in Beaver Creek, benefiting Jack's Place, a facility offering lodging for patients receiving treatment at Shaw Regional Cancer Center - September 2009


Al, Susan and Jennifer


Boulder Buddy Dan Day joins Alison,

Erin and Holly for dinner in Scottsdsale - 2000


 Nobody does it quite like Flash


Alison and her pal, Pat


Bro-in-law John Livingston and Al's fellow America West alum, Lisa Jones Campo


Paulie and Gwen Schran


With Lee Woodruff


If you ever need to laugh hard, just hang out with these two:

Sally and Kristin


Wendy and Johnnie


 With Verbier / Scottsdale pal, Dale Anderson


With Lori and Carrie  for Lee Woodruff's book signing in California - 2009

Many thanks to Lori Bartlett for this great photo. 

In her e-mail, Lori comments, "Lee walked in the packed room,

scanned it looking for us and yelled out

'There are the foxes from Phoenix!'” 



Here's to fun friends!