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"You'll always stay young if you eat properly, sleep

sufficiently, exercise daily -- and lie about your age."







The story of us began when Cali gave birth to eleven beautiful puppies on April 9, 2004. 


Here the adorable group gathers for a photo shoot -

no small feat!



 Tim decided he would like one of Cali's puppies.

He picked a great little boy,

and named him Charlie after his beloved father. 

(And Alison's sister Erin took Cali's daughter Nugget

home to Minnesota.)


Soon, Nugget was joined by Smooch -- who might as well be a Cali kid, too.


Cali's kids keep in close touch. 

Here most of them are gathered for their first birthday celebration.



Anyway, Mom, it goes without saying that

we feel like the luckiest kids on the planet...


You are always taking us for a ride....


...a golf game

...a swim in the river

...or a great hike, like this one with

Smooch and Nugget to the Arrowhead Yurt


And you are also fair. 

When one of us has to wear "the cone of shame",

the other one does, too.


Our golden family grew even bigger when Cali's daughter Halle had puppies on December 7, 2008. 



Erin came to Arizona in February 2009 and Alison

Uncle Charlie, Grammy Cali and Cousin Busy

welcomed Blanche to the fold. 


Baby Blanche socks it to her Uncle Charlie



 Now Aunt Erin takes her girls everywhere, too!

Sleeping Bear Dunes - July 2009


Mom, we'll be honest.

Sometimes we just want you all to ourselves...


But today we have our party costumes on,

and we salute you!  Just look at what you started!!



Happy Birthday Mom!!!!