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"The denunciation of the young is a

necessary part of the hygiene of older people,

and greatly assists the circulation of their blood."

-Logan P. Smith



FUN FACTS you may or may not know about Al:




Alison's Great-Great Uncle was Calvin Coolidge,

the 30th President of the United States,

who married Grace Anna Goodhue, Alison's maternal

grandfather's aunt.

  Grace, was working as a teacher at the Clarke School for the Deaf. While she was watering flowers outside the school one day in 1903, she happened to look up at the open window of Robert N. Weir's boardinghouse and caught a glimpse of Calvin Coolidge shaving in front of a mirror with nothing on but long underwear and a hat. After a more formal introduction sometime later, the two were quickly attracted to each other. They were married on October 4, 1905, in the parlor of her parents' home in Burlington, Vermont.



Alison's Colorful Career:

And you thought Al led a Life of contraire!

  Here is just a snapshot of her curriculum vitae:


A salesgirl at Kay Baum - Woodland Mall   

Al still has some of those original Kay Baum pieces in her closet today! 


A crewmember on the sailboat Brassy  




  • A Prison Social Worker in college  - ahem, where were the parents???


  •  A door-to-door Cutco Knife Saleswoman  - come in, parents??? 


The handles of Cutco Knives were made of bowling ball material

and the scissors could cut through a penny! 

Al had that demo down, and somehow made it home alive!

Her mother Holly still has the mayonnaise spreader she was required to purchase in 1981.




  • An office manager at DASD, a computer software company

 in Long Beach, California



  • A cross-brutalized flight attendant at America West Airlines (she did reservations, gate, ramp, baggage, operations, inflight, and recruiting!)



  •  A nursery school teacher


  •  A gopher / runner for J-Wax



  • The Resident Program Director at Grayhawk



  A peanut vendor for "Buy the Nuts!", sister Erin's outdoor concession near the Arizona Diamondbacks' stadium -- Alison was extremely popular with the customers, was awarded Salesgirl of the Month many, many times over, and was eventually promoted to Co-Manager, with Tim as her supervisor! 




  • A certified Life Coach 


  • Alison has also donated countless hours of time and energy to great organizations like Junior League, Arizona Children's Heart Foundation, and ASU Charities





Whenever Alison has to give blood, everything in her vision turns a chartreuse color, she hears cellos playing (like a beehive sound) and she passes out. 

This peculiar psychosomatic syndrome is also known as a Vasovagal episode


Alison's date to the prom in her senior year at

Kingswood School Cranbrook was....

(are you ready??)

Her sister Erin!

We are forever indebted to our dear friend and Cranbrook classmate, John Reebel, and his wife, Wendy, for going deep into the bowels of their home and unearthing this photographic gem. 

The shot of the Prom Couple, resplendent in a highly flammable pink quiana gown and bottomless glass of Liebfraumilch was taken at John's mother's house in June 1977. 

In his e-mail to Erin, Reebel recalled that his mother and grandmother "admired our moxie".  

Daily Double:

In this photo of Alison taken in The Galapagos Islands,

what is she holding over her head?:

a) Petrified Dodo Bird Egg

b) black smelly sea sponge

c) the divot from her bad golf swing


Hint: We know right away that it is not c. 

Her golf swing is gorgeous!

See bottom of page for the correct answer!





Alison and Erin both survived a lightning strike!

It happened on a Lake Michigan beach somewhere between Saugatuck and Macatawa, in July 2001.  Er and Al were the tallest things on the beach.  They got caught in a bad storm and the lightning hit the sand and came up through their feet, knocking them down to their hands and knees, making a loud "DONK" noise. 

Alison saw it go out her left hand.  Erin felt it rattle her gold fillings and zap the chip clip in her hair.  Both could taste blood. Since then Erin especially has become a magnetic field, pulling down an entire "Christmas Tree" of plastic ginger ale bottles in a Minneapolis grocery store without even touching it! 

Clean-up on Aisle four!!!




 This is pretty close to what Al sees

when she looks out her window in AZ!



The answer to the Daily Double is:

a) Petrified Dodo Bird Egg

We all know Alison would never

touch a smelly black sponge!!