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"A man's only as old as the woman he feels."
-Groucho Marx


Alison's Birthday Celebration Continues in Scottsdale, AZ!



Tim, Jule, Al, Mom and Paul gather

for a delicious spaghetti feast homecooked by Maman!

Alison thought it was just going to be the five of them...


....then the doorbell rang! 

It was Wilma Budthert with the U.S. Census Bureau (really Erin with a pair of Mr. Magoo Glasses and some fake "Eleanor Roosevelt" teeth).  The joke didn't go on too long because Er and Al were laughing too hard.


Mom made a beautiful sostanza cake




 Al still has the lungpower to extinguish all 50!!


As Al and Tim were leaving to go home, Donny and Suzanne came screeching into the driveway, just off their flight from DC!



We took a gorgeous 6-mile hike to

Inspiration Point the next morning


Tim organized a fantastic surprise party at Mastro's Steakhouse in Scottsdale on Friday night.  A bevy of beautiful gals and handsome lads assembled to surprise Al and carry on the golden celebration.....


Scottsdale lovelies Kristin (aka Shania)

and Sandy (aka Sandarella)






The ever-gorgeous Jennifer arrives



Fresh in from Switzerland..Pia and Dale, with Holly



Big Brother Donny



Adopted Big Brother Pat



Sal and Gregg



Jon and Carrie



The surprised birthday girl and her proud man, Termite



Girls Gone Wild!

Leslie, Al, Sandy and Sal






 Tobi-Sue Corns and Tim



 Trivia Experts: Ernie and Paulie in one of those self-taken shots that make us look like cape buffalo


 Tobi, Carrie, Al and Sanderella


Leslie, Pat and Jennifer


 Each table received a phenomenal

Seafood Tower as an appetizer, followed by 

an amazing dinner!



 The Delicious Butter Cake -

guaranteed to shorten your life - arrives



 We all sing a rousing round of

Happy Birthday to our Party Queen!!