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The Editors of this website -


Holly Goodhue Porter VanLeuven

Donald James Porter

Nathaniel Goodhue Porter

Erin Elizabeth Porter Livingston


wish to thank everyone who has

contributed to Alison's 50th Website

by participating, sharing, recounting and

sending their photographs, stories,

memories and mementos of their lives

with our daughter and sister, Alison. 


We especially would like to thank the

following individuals:

Martha Porter Shane (Aunt Marty)

 Mary Grace Kundtz Keppler

Carolynn Greeley Lund

Leslie Jones Zoeller

Phil, Betsy, Annie and Wendy Lovell

Jeanie Bratschie Bonansinga

John and Wendy Reebel

Tobi Corns

Sandy "Sanderella" Williams

Our Dear Cousin Chuck Hunewell

John and Janet Day

Lori Bartlett

Liz Paquette

Jill Martin Eichner

Karen Stadler VanDusen


We would also like to give credit to the following musicians for providing the great soundtracks to some of the pages on the site:


1. Happy Birthday Alison page:

"Simply Irresistible"

by Robert Palmer


2. This is Your Life - Part I

"Love Song"

by Elton John

(Tumbleweed Connection was Alison's first album, which she played over and over and over and over....)


3. Alison's Exciting Life - Part II page:


by Heart

(via YouTube link)


4. Alison's Fabulous Life - Part III page:

"For All We Know"

(Love Look at the Two of Us)

by The Carpenters

(via YouTube Link)


5. A Special Musical Tribute to Alison from JeanieB! page:

"Mommy's in Menopause"

by JeanieB! and the Jellybeans


6. My Wife Ali, by Tim page:

"Get Down Tonight"

by KC and the Sunshine Band


7. Our Mom by Paul and John Dionne page:

"Ooh Child"

by The Five Stairsteps


8. Our Daughter, Alison Ann page:

"The Lord Bless You and Keep You"

Farewell Anthem with Sevenfold Amen

by Peter C. Lutkin

performed by Westminster Choir

(via YouTube link)


9. Our Sister, Al page:

"Only You Know and I Know"

by Dave Mason


10. Alison, Our Friend page:

"Won't Give In"

by The Finn Brothers


11. Who Knew? Fun Facts about Alison page:

"She's Electric"

by Oasis


Thanks to everyone near and far for making this a special day for Alison!