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"You're getting old when you feel on Saturday night

the way you used to feel on Monday morning."




Alison left the cloistered confines of

Kingswood School in 1977...

(proof of Alison A. Porter graduation on bronze plaque above)

...but before leaving she left her indelible mark on the school by figuring prominently in the Senior Class Poll. 

Alison won the gold for "Prettiest Hair"; the silver in the "Most likely to be caught smoking funny cigs" category; and brought home the bronze in the coveted "Most Sensuous"competition.

    Click Here   for the Kingswood School Senior Class Poll of 1977!

Congratulations, Alison!!!

(and many thanks to Kingswood classmate

Karen Stadler VanDusen

-- winner of the "Best Legs" category, incidentally --

for this fantastic contribution!)



Next Alison entered the Big 10 Life at the

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor


Besides attending classes, football games and parties...


and studying Irish Beverage History at Dooley's...



...Alison joined Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority,

thereby becoming "sisters" with her Grammy Porter




Alison admits being blindsided by her first sorority rush party...instead of following in Grammy Porter's fashionista footsteps, Al seemed to channel Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies....she apparently committed a major "Glamour Don't" by wearing no makeup, a blue jean jumper with tights, and hiking boots to the affair!

(After all, Ann Arbor was cold and snowy!)

Still, she made the cut and got invited back for Round II !

Attention Kappa sisters --We will pay big money for any pictures!!


UPDATE:  Alison's dear Kingswood friend, Kappa Sis,

roommate, bridesmaid-to-each-other,

and fellow Mutha Rat, Leslie Jones Zoeller, heeded our

cry and dug deep in the dusty boxes of her attic. 

Not only did she dig up this picture of the two of them at

the "Kappa Carry-In" -- thus winning the "big money"

prize -- she also found a long-lost bag of

precious jewelry she thought had been stolen!



Our love and thanks to Jones for this great find!!!


As you all know, Alison has always been quite the dancer.  If you haven't seen it already, you must see her signature dance, "The Barracuda" which is performed to the song of the same name, by the band Heart.  Here she is with sister Erin in December 1977, glowing in her psychedelic polyester caftan, having just danced the barracuda in an attempt to burn off the three pounds of jumbo fried shrimp she has just eaten.

Christmas 1977 - Gulf Shores, Alabama


click the link above to hear Barracuda! but don't forget to hit the back arrow when you're done to get back to Alison's incredible life!



Speaking of snow, Alison and one of her sorority sisters, Sally Perkins, decided to "Go West, Young Woman".  They left A2 for Boulder and enrolled at CU.

Here is a cute shot of Al in that fresh-faced

"Dan Fogelberg / Cracklin' Oat Bran"

phase of her life


Alison and Sally moved in with friends Greg and Billy.  Since their first initials spelled "BAGS" they became Billy Bags, Alison Bags, Greg Bags and Sally Bags.

Their landlord was a Chinese man named

Bang Yaw Chin.

(This is not a joke).

Bang had some relatives who were thinking about coming to America, thereby threatening the living arrangements of The Bags Family! 

At the end of their lease, the Bags held a hilarious

"Send the Chins back to China" party.

We don't have the pictures, but we DO have the memories!


Al's great friend from EGR, Mary Kundtz Keppler,

aka Moo, also attended school at CU,

and was also a Kappa, and she and

Al were also each other's bridesmaids.

Even though her house is being completely renovated at the moment, full of tarps, dust and sweaty, smelly workmen, Moo decided, in her own words

"to kick some diggin' in the construction storage a--"  

and unearthed these priceless photos of

Al's life in Boul-day!:


 "Kappa House North" -


 - willing to forgo makeup and clothing due to serious hangovers!

 Left to right:  Kendall Kincaid, Tina Pete, Batman, Laurie Nichols, Moo and Ali


  "Boulder Kappa House North" 

Left to Right :  Tina Pete (aka Tina Peterson), Ali, Kathleen Masterson (aka Batman), Moo (aka Mary Kundtz Keppler), Sal (aka Sally Perkins)


 "Ali's Boulder Boys"  

  The gang altogether for brunch before

the CU vs Nebraska game.

Left to right:  Bill Conlin, John Fair, Paul Valas and pals.  Top inset:  Jack Zinser and Steve Brunner (aka Bruno)  Lower Inset:  Al's best buddy Bill Reno!

 Moo tells about a memorable Thanksgiving trip to Snowmass:

 "This was such a crazy trip!  The gang went into town (crammed all 6 of us into the jeep to get the Thanksgiving day preparations...where the hell is the turkey supposed to go)....we stopped by the bar before headin' back....The gang:  Ali, Bill Conlin, Moo, John Fair, Kathleen (aka Batman) and Nick Mast

(we stayed at his place)


Made it to Aspen, got the food,

lets stop for a few drinks, so far so good...



This is what happens when you drink and drive...Al making the initial inspection 

"This doesn't look good guys"


Time for the Tow Truck



We were bullet proof back then -

The jeep upright and back in business just a short time later-the survivors not missing a beat -

as they say 'party on!'"

L to R   Billy Conlin, Batman, Moo, Ali and Nick





While in Boulder, Alison had a "coffee date" with a handsome lad named Dan Day.  It turned out that Dan's family had just moved from Chicago to Michigan, to some place she had probably never heard of.


That place turned out to be Mona Lake, the very place where Alison's family lived.  The two famlies met, and remain close friends today!
 Here is a shot of Dan (still dashing in his brown raincoat) with his mom Janet;  dad John, and brother Chris -- some 30 years after meeting Al.
Thanks so much to John and Janet for sending this great picture of the well-preserved Day Family!
After a few years of school at CU, Alison decided she should probably get back to her Michigan roots and finish up at U of M.  She returned to A2 and reunited with her Michigan buds....
...including her pal from EGR, "Horn", who moved in with Alison and her Kingswood and Kappa sis, Leslie Jones.
One of the guys at Michigan was this dude named, Jule.
Everyone who didn't know Jule had at least heard of him.
Here is a picture of Jule swinging from the U of M goalpost after they defeated Ohio State in 1977.
(Note: the billy club jammed against Jule's right leg.  The cop wielding the billy club was taken down by a pack of students seconds later)
After graduation from U of M, Alison was living in Southern California and was invited to come up to see the Wolverines play the Rose Bowl in 1983 by Horndog.  It was at that game that she got reacquainted with Jule, and they started dating.