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"Every woman eventually reaches the age

when she doesn't want any more birthdays,

but still wants the presents."






Don, Erin, Alison, Holly and Nat at

Alison and Jule's Wedding



Jule played a trick on Alison around the time of their wedding.  When it came time to get their marriage license, and knowing of Alison's sensitivity to giving blood, they arranged for her to give the blood sample in the comfort of Jule's parents' living room, taken by Jule's dad Dr. Paul Dionne.  She drank a couple of glasses of wine beforehand and made it through the blood test without having one of her famous vasovagal episodes.

Jule called Alison a few days later and told her that all was not well with her blood sample.  The blood she gave "wasn't good enough".  Jule said that Two new samples would have to be obtained, "one from the bone in your foot and the other from the vein in your neck".

Erin was with Alison when this call took place and she remembers the blood draining out of Al's face.

To get Jule back, the night before their wedding, Alison told Jule that he was to sing to her before she walked down the aisle, a capella no less, the song, "For All We Know" by the Carpenters.  Jule said, "But I don't know the words!" and Al said, "Too bad, Bucko, the lyrics are already in the 300 printed programs".

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 "Love Look at the Two of Us"

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Paul, John and Alison reunite

with Gram, Mom and Erin in Michigan - 1993


No caption needed -

Ernie cracking up at Jule




Here is a blurry shot of Alison's 40th --

at the wonderful surprise party Jule and the boys

threw for her at the Royal Palms

November 4, 1999


A pensive Jule - 2004

Although Alison and Jule are no longer married,

they remain good friends, committed parents, and are

an inspiration to us all



Herewith, the gorgeous Fountain of Youth

from which Alison drinks droplets of nectar daily