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"The best way to tell a woman's age is --

when she's not around."







Her boys, Paul and John



Her man, Tim


Her golden children, Charlie and Cali




Hanging out with her gal-pals

Erin, Carolynn, Leslie, Alison and Moo

Mutha Rats Reunion - Vail 2007


  Hiking to, the view from, and eating lunch at

the Arrowhead Yurt


Hiking in Arizona - especially in the snow!

Here is a wonderful memory from Alison's friend, Liz Paquette:

"In Jan. 07, Alison & I headed out for a hike in the Superstition Mtns. We expected rain, but little did we know we would be caught in a beautiful snow storm. Before we made it back to our car, we experienced the Superstitions blanketed in snow (and ourselves as well). Fortunately the coffee shop was open to warm us with a latte after our chilly hike. It was an awesome, memorable day!!! Good memories, Alison! Love you! Liz"


Alison before the snow




  The snow begins ...


A rare and beautiful sight!



Spending time with family (in 2005)


Reading books and getting together

with her Book Club - May 2009

(Thank you to Lori Bartlett for the photo!)




Her annual summer sojourn to Castle Park 


Making an awesome salad!


Getting Crabby!

(By that we mean she loves Alaskan King Crab Legs)