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"A clever wife doesn't lie about her age;

she just says she's as old as her husband,

and then lies about his age."



I Love Thee! 








Tim and Alison -- all roses!






Alison and Tim in Verbier, Switzerland - 2004



Al and Tim with granddaughter Hayden


About to hit the Alps



Wedding Day - April 8, 2006


With All Our Children



 The Whole Fam Damily

April 8, 2006


Along with Tim came his wonderful family:


Barrett McAdam Phillips and her husband Reed

teaching their daughter Hayden to ski


Hayden is held by her proud aunt, Quincy McAdam


Kalan Wagner and Kyrie McAdam


Sweet Sisters: Weston and Hayden Phillips



Bernie and Ruth Madoff

Conjugal Visit

Halloween 2009