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"The younger generation knows best until it becomes the older generation, and then it knows better."




HAPPY 50th!!!


Johnnie and Paul - 1998


 The Dionne Family at Mona Lake, Michigan

 Summer of 1989


Johnnie and Paul with great friends

Annie and Wendy Lovell

The Hamptons - Summer of '97

(Thank you to Phil and Betsy for this great memory!)



Paul, Alison and John in Verbier, Switzerland

at a midnight sledding party with John and Sue Fearn

and other friends - 2001


Paul and John with their mom, Alison and dad, Jule

in Wolfeboro, NH - 2004


Paul, Al, Jule, John in the summer of '96


In Chicago at "The Bean" in Millenium Park - 2004


Mom, Paul and Aunt Ernie - Maryland, February 2005

Uncles and Cousins and Rocker - Oh My!

Paul and John at a Fam Reunion in Michigan - 1995




 The Bros at Western Reserve Academy

Hudson, Ohio - 2004


John, Al and Paul (8 stitches)

at the last high school lacrosse game played together

MLSA Tournament - Western Reserve Academy

May 2005


Speaking of lacrosse, Al's great friend, Sandy aka "Sanderella" Williams sent this great picture of her son, Chad (right) with Johnnie:

 How spooky is it that they went to nursery school together -- and ended up with the exact same number on their lacrosse jerseys -- AND look like identical twins????

Way to go Sanderella!!!!


 John and Paul after spending the day on their surfboards


Johnnie Bro about to Surf the Alps -- 2001



Paul, Alison, Tim and John celebrate the wedding

April 8, 2006


Dear friend Carolynn Greeley Lund says,

"Another thing I'm so happy about is that our sons,

Peter, Paul and John (The God Squad)

are such good friends.

They have as much -- if not more--

fun than we did in the Michigan Summers."


Pictured with Paul are Carolynn and her son Peter

Castle Park - Summer 2007



Paul, Alison and John at Castle Park 2008



At Paul's graduation ceremony -

George Washington University

May 2009


These sandwiches aren't as good as yours, Mom


You always give the best prezzies!

Mom, in case you ever are mad at us and want to remember how cute and innocent we are, just take a look at this shot of us with Wendy and Annie Lovell

(Again-- thanks to Phil and Betsy Lovell for this great reminder)


We love you Mom!


Love, Paul and John