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"The sweetest age in the world is sixteen,

or whatever age your daughter is."



It all started when Alison's parents, John and Holly, met at a wedding in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  They are pictured above, John third from the left, and Holly next to him.  They were both members of the wedding party for their friends, Rolph and Lois.  (Holly and Lois had been childhood friends, and Lois met Rolph when he attended boarding school Brewster Free Academy.  Rolph and John were fraternity brothers at Albion College in Michigan.) 


Short story long, John and Holly met, fell in love, got married, and ended up having their four children, Don, Nat, Alison and Erin.



John and Holly - 1966


Alison's Dad, Mom and her first golden, Feather

 at the Porter house

1611 Pontiac Road, East Grand Rapids


Here is John Porter celebrating his

own birthday around 1970


John was a successful businessman, pilot, photographer, singer, and runner.   In 1975 his New Year's Resolution was to run 4,000 miles in one year, or an average of 10.95 miles per day.  He succeeded in accomplishing his goal, but sadly was diagnosed early in 1976 with bladder cancer.  

John ran over 20 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, twice; after his diagnosis he ran seven more marathons before he died at age 48. 

John had a favorite phrase for a beautiful day; he would call it "a bluebird morning".  Now whenever Alison sees a bluebird, she believes it is her dad visiting her.

It seems whenever she needs good luck and strength the most, a bluebird shows up.


Holly surrounded by all her kids - 2005





 Holly and Alison aka The Dove Girls enjoying Las Vegas


Erin, Alison and Holly about to have

crab soup in Maryland - 2005


Erin, Holly and Alison- Castle Park - 2009


Here is a special hymn that has always meant a lot to Alison and her family.

It is Peter Lutkin's arrangement of

"The Lord Bless You and Keep You". 

John Porter sang this many times with the Fountain Street Church Choir and we are sure if he were here today he would want to sing it to Alison:

The Lord bless you and keep you,
the Lord lift His countenance upon you
and give you peace,
the Lord make His face to shine upon you,
and be gracious unto you,
the Lord be gracious unto you.

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